When I Awake

by Nico Russell
(London, England)

When I awake on dreary days,
I lie a while and softly gaze,
Upon the beauty next to me;
The prettiest girl there’ll ever be.

Cocooned within these sheets of cotton,
My worries of the world forgotten.
Replaced with thoughts of summer skies
With you, I feel the butterflies.

Your lips a delicate soft delight
That smile and make the darkness bright.
And eyes that when they meet with mine
Reflect your soul’s eternal shine.

I stroke your warm and tender skin
That shrouds your beating heart within.
A heart, I pray, that beats for me,
As mine shall always beat for thee.

When I awake on dreary days
As you remain in dreamy haze
I smile and thank the Gods above
As once again I fall in love.

Nico Russell

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