When I See My Son Smile

by Kishan Negi
(Ghaziabad, U.P.(India))

My fascinating son
your divine entry in my life
was an amazing boon of God
that filled my heart
with ebullience and ravishment
you removed all darkness
of desperation and frustration
that my hard life ever had
and brought halcyon days back
my life was imbued with
excitement and exaltation
always my eyes were eager
to have scintilla of your visage
You have always been
an effervescent star of my destiny
and became a quintessential
part of my life and
then developed a sempiternal relation
between Dad and Son
my happiness was beyond expression
to have a talismanic baby
now that you have grown up
and matured
I tell you one secret today
that all my troubles disappear
when I see my son smile.

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