When I think of you My Love

by Madhumeeta Singh
(Gondia, Maharashtra)

And I am still waiting

And I am still waiting

When I Think of you My Love

A little fly sat upon a flower swiftly and calmly
I looked at it as if it was my heart spreading my love for you ardently
But when I think of you my love, my wet eyes and shambolic mind crept;
And fly says, STOP its not easy for it was vexatious and rile for you to accept.

When I think of you My Love , I cannot blin;
For hoping to be with you is my only sin.
I called again I tried again but I found you busy with the other Rose
I wept a lot, I analyzed then realized I should not have that feeling enclosed.
Heavy rain and that fly could not get shelter anywhere, took doleful flight

And I stopped making my love materialize by imparting false height.
When I now think of you my love, I feel proud and awesome
Because I lose the one who did not loved me but you lost the one for whom ..
You was lovesome
My love for you is unconditional and unprejudiced.

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