Father and Kids on Dock 

How do you answer the question, "When is Fathers Day?". Conventionally speaking, it occurs every year on the third Sunday in June.  However, we believe many of your spend a lot more time reflecting on what your dads mean to you than on just one given day of the year. 

The relationship between father and child has an impact beyond what any of us can imagine. In many instances our experiences are filled with love and abiding respect. In others things are not (or were not) as smooth as we might have liked. 

Life is never black and white. Through shades of grey we recognize that fathers and children share something inherent in all of us. They are very human.  This means that we cherish the good and tolerate the not so good.  

Many of our contributing writers reflect on their experiences with dad through their poetry. Their works run that gamut of emotions; Love and warmth, anger and hurt, a yearning for closeness and a need to break free.

We are honored on this page to share their work with a larger audience. We believe their words will touch you and perhaps inspire some thoughts of your own.

Whether you are thinking about dad or the father figure in your life, please enjoy this very special collection of sentiments for Father's Day from the contributing poets of the My Word Wizard community.

Our sincerest gratitude to them.

Wishing you a wonderful and Happy Father's Day.

Daddy's Little Girl

Every day since the day I was born,
I have always been your little girl.
And you to me were always
My whole wide world.
Now I have grown up, and you
won't let me go.
This young lady you see needs freedom,
But I want you to always know...
No matter how I look,
No matter what I say,
I'll always be Daddy's little girl,
Deep down inside every day.

                               © Andrea 2012

For Father's Day

My Dad is very special to me;
I think he’s a fantastic fellow

He only ever wants the best for me,
will always be my hero

He protects me and keeps me safe,
whenever I am in trouble

Whenever I may need him;
he is there and extremely helpful

He gave me high expectations,
of everything a man should be

No matter how difficult I was,
he’s always been there for me

For this I will always be grateful
and I hope that he does know

I appreciate everything he’s done for me,
I hope that this shows

He has always been the strong one,
who holds all of us together

For these reasons I will always love him
and cherish him forever

He never asks much of anyone,
just to be honest and to be true

He stands before all the family;
there is nothing he would not do

I am proud of the man that he is;
I love him with all of my heart

I enjoy the time we’re together
and I miss him when we’re apart

He is always there to guide me;
shows an interest in all that I do

I thank him for all that he does
and I value him everyday too

                               © Nicky Marinkovic 2012


Good daddy wiped my tears
it’s the small things that
make a difference
tucked me in, in bed when
I wasn’t feeling right.
I’m sure he’s got my back
even when he don’t let me
go out at night,
I guess he’s got his reasons,
like he says,
one day ill understand and
I lay on my bed wishing that,
that day will come by soon.

                               © Lizbeth Rivas 2012

Memories of Going to Work

There was nothing more special
for a sweet little boy
than going to work with his dad

Wearing those special
little boy work clothes
Oh what a handsome young lad

He was given a desk, some paper and pen
this added a touch of gravity to the day
his lunch he took with the other working men
there was even some talk of some pay

Later that evening
back home for his dinner
his mom asked him “how was your day?”
He said he worked hard
It was no easy job
but he still is awaiting his pay!

                               © Alan Loren 2012

We thank each of the poets for publishing their work on our pages.  They own all rights to their individual pieces and no portion of their writings may be used without their permission.

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