When Love Reaches You By AKnope

by Andrea L Knope

When love reaches you; And grasps at your heart;
Your smile will return; Your life will restart.

The eyes of your love; Sends sparks to your soul;
And the voice you yearn; Makes you feel whole.

The one in your life; That's made you anew;
Brightening the day; As one becomes two.

As time passes on; The love grows strong;
As it brings you peace; And a heart with song.

Some have said love fades; But true love will remain;
The soul becomes serene; One cannot explain.

So handle with care; The love of your heart;
No matter what or where; Your souls will not part.

When loves reaches you; There's nothing on earth;
That will ever compare; Or match its worth.

When loves reaches you; Stretch your hand to hold;
And cherish your love Let your life unfold!
By A. Knope

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