When The Streets Fell Empty

by Rosie G

When the streets fell empty,
Deserted and alone
The roads all fell silent
As untouched as a gravestone.

Schools are closed and empty,
Exams and tests put to death,
A world so alone,
The only noise a mere breath.

As Covid 19 runs the streets,
Silent and unknown,
A world full of anxiousness,
With normality overthrown.

People in intensive care,
Fearing for their lives,
Hooked up to ventilators,
Praying they would survive.

People washing hands everywhere,
Shortages the norm,
Will this panic ever stop?
Or will it be an eternal storm?

Yet people still pull through,
Giving others a helping hand,
Even with limited items allowed,
People still help others around.

Zooming in and boosting spirits,
Cheering up people with a video call,
Checking up on friends across the globe,
From one person to all.

So remember this time,
Whether you are 8 or 80,
For even though there was doom and gloom,
We still managed to pull through.

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