When this is All Over.

by Leanne

When this is All Over Poem. When the Storm is Over The Sky will be clearer, the Sun will Shine Brighter, the birds will Sing louder, the flowers will Bloom Longer. When this is all Over Smiles will beam upon people's faces as they will at long last be able to see and embrace their Loved Ones Once again. When this is all Over We will have a deeper appreciation for the simple things in Life, also to the Keyworkers who have given their All during a turbulent time they stand Tall. When this is all over we will remember the beautiful rainbows in windows, the signs that said stay at home, support the NHS Save Lives! When this is all Over we will be Glad we Listened and Saved Lives and Our Loved Ones too. When this is all Over we will have learned many things Kindness to strangers and to be More Grateful for the Life we have been Blessed. When this is all Over we will have Learned there is More Happiness in Giving it makes Life more beautiful and worth Living.

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