When thoughts meet

by Biljana Petrova
(Skopje Macedonia)

A thought waltzes with desire
Leaves a candle kissed by fire
Smoothly takes the essence higher
Gently guides the night through a wire
To its perish at the sight of day.
A dawn of hope has made its way
Caught in the zenith like a bird of pray
Conquering the weak, love can’t go astray
It may be blind and easily fail the pledge
But the other senses are honed to the edge
The world is not kind and as seasons change
What was familiar turns out strange
What was peculiar became a shape of a cloud
What used to be a whisper was cried out loud
The dream stages a ballet where you and I dance
Magical music leads sunset to a trance
A moment never ages and never has pain been so sweet
For the bridge is stronger every time our thoughts meet.

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