When We Are Together

by Yo Nína Boñíta
(San Jose, CA, USA)

When We Are Together I am the Happiest Girl in the World.
When We Are Apart I am the Saddest Girl in the World.
In My Face and in My Eyes others may see My Joy and Happiness, but When We Are Apart,
In My Heart the Tears and Screams Want to Break Free.
There is No Mother like No Other. You Guide me even through the Roughest of My Storms.
You Are The Sun that wants to break through My Cloudiest of Days.
When We Are Together I feel as if I am in the Clouds Flying like the Birds,
or as if I am a Dolphin Free on the Seven Seas.
There May be those days When We have our disagreements, but in the end
We find compromise and Become The Best Of Friends.
You Are My Best Friend, You Know All My Secrets and All My Dislikes, all My Fears and My Favorite of Things.
The Only Women in My World Who Has always Been My Armor, to Shield Me From all the Stray Bullets And Knives being thrown My Way.
You Are My God Given Guardian Angel
and I'm Thankful The Lord has Chosen
The Most Beautiful, Sweetest, Kindest, and Loving Loveliest Lady As My Mother,
My Love, My Life!

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