by Kenneth Frederick
(Catonsville, Md.)

When will I see you again? The nights pass slowly when you’re not here. Flowers burst forth with beauty to behold. I faint at the fragrance of their newborn love. Oh just to see you, touch you, creates a storm of desire within. When the sun appears and the clouds are gone, I wait, wait you in the calm. For in this realm, God is at the helm.

There was never a night that you weren’t here
My heart filled with laughter of years gone by.
There are many thoughts and endless words my love of you.
Beauty unfolded before my eyes, the flowers of your heart and the sunset sky.
My aching, longing, the returning of the rising sun
Of silver clouds so pure hiding you not from my view
The heartbreak we must now endure
Until were together evermore ©2017 Kenneth Frederick

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