When You Came

by Esteafania Cervantes
(Las Vegas)

You say you're no good at poetry,
but I say you're good at everything you do.

Perfect is part of my book
that is why I want to be with you

Face to face is how we met
You stole my heart and kept it safe.

You said you'd be by my side day and night,
you were determined to walk the distance every time.

When I'm in your arms there is no harm,
want to be there for ever until time is gone.

There is this feeling in me when you speak,
my stomach get ticklish and I can't breathe

All was in black and white,
until you made me see

that there is light in the world
especially the one reflecting off of me.

Together forever is what we will be,
just two young souls who met and knew it would be.

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