When You Find a Good Thing

by Stephen A. Dantes
(St. Lucia, Caribbean/Kings Park, New York)

She will tell you nice things, sometimes
And she can say the bad ones too
Maybe bolder than, or colder
Even twice as emotional as compared to
Might sting just a bit deeper than
But she means well, they always do.

We know men, or at least we should
In the event that, if at all necessary
When a man, needs rise mightier
Scrota deserves no pulpit, any
Nor do many behold, albeit possible
Remain an ear, well tuned to glory

For it is not for self, or within
True it can if you will, but not
To have or hold, to keep, means more
And man, and her, they plot
A death must be, might the want arise
Yet she remains, but he, and sought

Search is not without cause, nor form
And man is cause, but form, from her
To her, and made to, sometimes
Or born to, dream like babies do helpless, the
Like paths homeward, and treasures marked X
Find that good, keep it live, or suffer

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Thought provoking and insightful.
by: Anonymous

Hmmm!!! Thought provoking and insightful. You really should market your work luv. You're very talented.

Brilliant piece
by: Patrice

I love this poem. Great work Stephen.

by: Shernice


Love this poem
by: Kenny

Love this poem. Got the chance to meet him back in St. Lucia before he became so popular. And I love his works. He represents the Caribbean with a versatile poetic style. Most poems are simple and relatable. Others reach levels of complexity. But what really makes him stand out is the fact that he writes on all topics, issues, social ills, etc.
Keep rising brother, and keep writing. Peace.

Cherish a good woman
by: Kimberly J.

I can't help but assume that the poet is trying to allow readers - men specifically - to cherish a good woman. I love this poem. Wow, well written. Can't wait to read more from him/her.
I should Google the name now...

by: Samantha T.

Some people can find words to say the things that many people want, and this guy here is able to do so in an amazing way. Great poem.

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