where are you

by mermaidflower

Where are you

Are you floating?
Or is it me?
I can’t tell,
You float slowly by.
I reach for your hand,
It’s out of reach.
Your somewhere else,
You say you're not.
You say you’re here.
Are you though?
Is it me?
Or did you go?
You’re a heartbeat away from me.
Yet we’re miles apart,
How can this be?
We’re in the same room talking together,
Yet it’s not clear what has been said.
Were you listening it’s not clear.
Sometimes I’m better not speaking instead.
I wonder sometimes if your heart's with me.
You then say of course it is,
Is it my insecurity that makes me doubt?
You think so easily I get in to a tizz.
Guess work is all we ever do,
I’m beginning to float just as far away as you.
The force field that keeps you away from me,
Is it there?
Or is it just me.
My head is full of different things.
Most of them not about you.
But about the people I’m gunner lose.

Where are you,
Softly sleeping.
Are you dreaming about better times?
Every time we’re this far apart.
I wonder do you want to give me back my heart.
But no you said you didn’t,
So gently I unravel your head.
I’m in a maize,
Walking around.
I’ve lost the way.
The next point I have not found.

Where are you
Are we united?
Most of the time it feels like we are.
Its other people that make it so hard.
This pain in my heart,
I know what you want.
There are so many things,
We both need.

Where are you
Do you think about the baby in your arms?
I think about him or her.
How it might feel.
Holding the baby,
Knowing it's real.
Smelling the powder on the baby’s skin.
Those are just my thoughts within.

Where are you
I have to walk to you,
You have to walk to me.
Then we plan for the future.
Then we make our plans.
Then we love each other,
Just like we planned.

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