Where I Keep You

by Robert Seminara
(Los Angeles Ca.)

I dream about you when the rest of me gets the best of me.
Those times when I cant lie to myself the way I do with everyone else.
I shove you down as far as I can, down in that place hidden from my doctor and priest, mommy, and daddy, even from God. No one will find you there where it still hurts, there where the numbing of medication and meditation cant reach. In the only place left that isn't rehabilitated. That place still broken, unable to be fixed, that place where my soul lives, hidden from my tricks. You're careful now, and strong. So I don't have to worry about you anymore cutting yourself on bloody broken pieces of me down there where you are. All those little pieces of glass-like heart lying around dispirited by my body. Fragments of my humanity scattered about in jagged heaps. Tread with skill my truest, never sow what you reap, or you'll need a hidden place of your own, when your smile dries up, and the light of your heart goes out while you sleep.

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