Where Writer and Reader Meet

by Leona
(Lewiston, ID)

Tangled in my mind like fish in a net
They squirm their way out as my paper gets wet
your eyes widen by what they might get
We're on our way, but we're not there yet

My words like wishes I push them through
no longer the fishes from which they grew
The power they hold now is so true
I'm no longer alone and neither are you

The words have left me and entered your being
You take them, shape them, and fill them with meaning
Together we have folded them, molded them and created a feeling
Only now is the secret worth revealing

Now we are here, the wonderful embrace
where the reader and writer share the same space
Nothing can be sweeter I can almost see your face
as your lips curl up and a smile falls in it's place

I'm not writing this down to climb up the ladder
or to get rich or make my ego grow fatter
I'm writing this for you because you really do matter
Without a reader, a writer is just mindless chatter.

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