Who Am I ???

by Lottie West Coast
(Richmond, CA)

Who am i ?

I am not what they call me Slut, Hoe, Whore, and Tramp.
I am not what they see, late night johns on International Blvd to get a fix.
I am not the girl next door, take me home to meet your mama.
I am not a person spouses like, his under me instead of being at what he calls a late night at the office or boys night out.

Who am i ?

I am what men call working what she has to get what she wants.
I am what i want you to see, A strong proud single mother.
I am the woman making a mark in this harsh place we call home.
I am what he likes, maybe not forever but for the price.

Who am i you ask ?

Who am i really, huh good question for you to ask.

I am a HIV positive woman.
I am a teen mother.
I am a drug addict.
I am a prostitute.

Who am i ?

I am just trying to survive.

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