Who Cares...?

by Shaista Khadim

Who cares what I feel?
Who cares what I'm thinking about?
Who cares what I'm going through?
Who cares if I shout?

Right now I'm intolerable
No one would mistake coming near me
Maybe I'm even worse than a monster
Someone people are afraid of nearing.

I have so much inside
But cannot vent myself
Can't face the shame.

I want to scream
Yet want silence
I want to break everything
But I keep hurting my own self.

Ouch!My arm hurts
I hit it with the chair
No..Wasn't breaking the chair
Just walking without any care.

No one to turn to
No one to seek a way
My anger is eating me
I just want to run away.

Tears are threatening
To fall off anytime
But I force them back
Not wanting to taste the brine.

I feel better; the anger has subsided
This is how it is: Goes as easily as comes;
before someone can stare
I'm not a monster in anger,
nor am I an angel;
I'm just a human
But does someone care?

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