Who Do You Think You Are?

by Sheena Dunn

who do you think you are? Sitting banging and plucking that guitar. Got the whole town dancing and I mean romancing, So who do you think you are? The young boy answered, "I must be special far as I can see cause everybody's coming to dance with me." Well I'm gonna clap my hand and step a little bit but you just remember everybody ain't it. You'll play that thing all night I see why don't you act like the rest and go climb a tree. He said, "I'm young but old down in my soul. The music takes over, my hands lose control." Then his grandma froze. Who do you think you are? You clearly ain't no star. You playing in this bar, you better get in this car. I know you've gone too far. School in the morning. You better hit them books cause this grandma ain't raising no crooks. Who do you think you are? The boy looked at his grandma and said, "Lady I'm a star."

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