by Anonymous
(Somewhere on Earth)


She used to be just another 'little fine Girl', on a bare land, with nothing but a seed and a dream...But, with perception, she finds her place. With perseverance, she tills her land. With faith, she sows her seed. And with Patience, she watches her plant germinate into a deeply rooted tree that will stand the test of time.

She gets off the comfort zone and its excesses, and prunes her branches with great discipline. With focus on the fruitfulness of her ideas, she gets rid of the deceptive weeds that are only good for choking them to death. And diligently waters, nurtures and protects them.

Like her Plants, she faces the Sun, and receives energy to bear fruits, Taking nutrients from the instructions of the Master Gardener; Drinking from the Rivers of Living Water. Little wonder she bears appropriate fruit for each season.

Everyone melts into silent wonder as she turns the bare space into a form of breathtaking beauty, and ethereal serenity. And all want to see the strong and beautiful woman a little fine Girl has grown into.

Hmmn., my fellow Lady Gardeners of the Niger-Area,
The graveyard on this side is wealthy enough, With many-a-seed that was never sown, for fear of fruitlessness.

Now, we must maximize the potentials our tiny seeds carry. Now, we must take advantage of the untapped possibilities in our land. And NOW, we must understand and harness the Power we possess, as Women. The powers to receive, nurture, and multiply. The essence of fruitfulness lies in the Core of our Being. The imagination is not the only nation, where the image of an Edenic Garden can come after a Desert.

Whatever we can conceive, and believe, we can achieve; a cliché, but one, so true. Each One of us has been wired with a very unique seed: A gift to meet certain needs in a special and peculiar way. As unique as the DNA strand we carry.
See how important 'Just another Little Fine Girl' is, in the world?

And the earnest expectation all awaits the inventions that are the fruits in our tiny seed So, will we? Or will we not? Little Lady Gardeners of the Niger-Area? Will we go in search of Greener Pastures? Will we not make our land greener by adding value to it?

Really, the fate of our flock is at stake here.
And they are waiting to hear the verdict! But if we dare to find our own place, and till our own land. If we dare to keep our Garden Green, Beautiful and fulfilling, In time delightful chuckles of wonderful children will be heard under the shelter that the thick foliage of our leaves provide, Choice Birds from far and near will rest on our branches singing sweet melodies to our ears.

Ladies and Lords,
Dukes and Duchesses,
Knights, and Damsels.
Princes and Princesses,

All will hasten to experience the healing effect of our plants, And be filled with the enriching freshness of our fruits.

So, will you? Or will you not? Get down on your knees, and dig deep into the Soil? The whole wide world is waiting for the little fine Girl in you and me, with nothing but a tiny Seed and a dream. The world is waiting to see her emerge into the strong and beautiful woman, She is capable of being: Keeper of an exotic garden of Edenic Delight.

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