Who Is This Man?

by Deborah Alexander
(Killeen, Texas)

My head's in the clouds...my thoughts are abundant.
My eyes can't see what my body feels.
Is he real or a figment of my imagination?
Who is this man?
I need to reach him...I need to know him.
I dream of his kiss...shiver at the thought of his touch.
Who is this man?
Brown eyes that search the soul.
A smile that melts my resolve.
The voice of a lover...the body of a warrior.
Who is this man?
He sparks my imagination...permeates my mind.
Creates a desire that starts at my toes and ends in an obsession.
Who is this man?
He touches the core of my sexuality...
Makes me burn with need...
Makes my heart...skip a beat.
Who is this man?

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