Who was the thief?

by Aarathi Kunnummal

Once there was a famous circus and,
Everyone was ready and so the tasty foods.
When the food was all ready,
Everyone was happy.

But, A thief came,
A lady who was passing by screamed aloud,
Everyone surrounded her,
What happened??? Everyone asked her.
A thief she said.

She went to the police station,
And the police officer asked-
‘How did he look like?’

He looked like a giraffe, he was as taller than mee!!
He was like a horse, he was as fast as a horse,
Also he has colorful hat with polka dots ON HIS HEAD
Also a nose which looks like a bouncy castle!

OMG! I got the thief!!!
It is the joker in this circus!!!
Said the police
If it was me, I would excuse him because,
Maybe the circus people aren’t treating him equally
And doesn’t give food!

Yes!!Yaah!! The crowd agreed on the police officer
The circus people turned their head and went away!

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