Why Do People Gotta Do It?

by Enix
(Somewhere on Earth)

Only people that think it's true,
let it get to you
They have no clue,
what you've been through
So why would they do that to you.

I don’t get why they do it
They might have been hit,
or families split,
maybe as a child been omit
But quit the sh-t,
I don’t care if they didn’t fit

Your mind racin'
Feet pacin'
Heart beatin out of your chest
Lungs breathin, Cardiac arrest?
Your runnin west
You wish you could clean up this mess
You probably know what’s gonna happen next

I’m different...OK?
That doesn’t mean I’m gay
Nobody asks me about my day, or do you wanna play
It’s always no way

I pray to him
As a skim below
I’m at the lowest of lows
This is the end, there is no extent
It has went in a rapid descent

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