Wicked Season

by Trinket_Writer
(WA State)

Desolate the chill deep within
desperate to cling to the warmth that once was
changes for which there is no power
adaptation is key to survival, to exist
I search the clouds for answers
they laugh and mock me, making me shrink

The earth is betraying my soul
ripping my bosom to pieces
he laughs, I fade, unsure of the future
long and futile this season will be
remembrance of change that is inevitable
praying for comfort from the solar gods

My misery is toxic to those around me
losing my soul, extracting, and pulling
searching for light, warmth I crave
I search deep inside to grasp, hang on
screaming for power, yet nothing
gurgling within causes exhaustion, saps my strength

What do others see in the windows of my soul
they cannot help, they turn with disgust
weak and pitiful they see me
cast aside and forgotten as I weep
I cry for what should be, for what isn't
the putrid death within me begins to stink

I gaze up, broken, frail,
my life force flowing back to the earth
the same sphere that produced the season
that started the cycle of my darkness
longing for the elixir from nature's heat source
a potion that will restore me

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