Wild Bill

by Gemeniguy
(Northern Adirondacks)

Face me off at twenty paces.
Show me some eights and aces.
Send me to the Promised Land.
Deal me up the dead man’s hand.

Although life has been a bitter pill,
I took the advice of old Wild Bill.
Always played with my back to the wall,
And knew just when it was time to call.

But life for me is getting old.
Now it’s time for me to fold.
I did everything that I could.
Now I’m headed for Deadwood.

One last kiss for Calamity Jane.
Then time for me to end the pain.
I’m taking off my poker face,
And going to a better place.

Going to walk across that saloon floor,
And this time play with my back to the door.
Then I’ll walk up to the top of that hill,
And have a drink with old Wild Bill.

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