Winter Nights

by Majezty C. Navarro
(Redondo Beach, CA)

Winter Nights are the loneliest nights of any year,
fire burns within the fireplace,
still its warmth does not compare
to the arms of that significant other.
The pillow is not their body that you wish to hold,
it is not them who you dream of waking up next to;
the pillow starts off cold when you first lie your head upon it,
but then it begins to warm up to your Sorrow of Lonesomeness.

I stare out into the cold night,
watching the rain fall down my window, I interpret it
as every Soul’s tears being cried over that someone.
I sleep on the floor during these nights for I dread having
a bed, but no woman to share it with on Winter Nights.
I feel the coldness truly when I think of her
and realize that she isn’t here,
what breaks me down though is that I’m not there with her,
unable to warm her and hold her until she falls asleep;
curse these Winter Nights…

From the upcoming book, "REDEMPTION" by Majezty C. Navarro


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