Wish You Were Here

by Sam

We're laughing together in the seat adjacent to the emergency exit.
Blowing bubbles with the 8th bubble gum pack you bought.
You hug me like it's the last time you'll ever see me,
And you look at me so eagerly I almost think it's Christmas.
In August.
But the time flew away so quickly
And so did you
So while I stand alone on this dark, pouring night
I know that if you were here
you'd open up your huge navy umbrella
In the store,
And you'd say, "How could I get bad luck when I'm with you?"
You'd reassure me
when I burst into tears
in the middle of this crowded street
in this huge city
where the lit windows look as if they're diamonds
cut into so many little facets and strewn through the night
and I also know that I wouldn't be the only one.

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