by Martin
(United States)

Wishes dance on fiery candle sticks.
Wishes gleam across the starry night on a dancing star.
Wishes ride in on ocean waves striding for ocean peaks.
Wishes flow among the windy day to put smiles on frantic faces.
Wishes appear and come true in a dreamer’s fantasy world.

Wishes play tricks in fool’s faces.
Wishes play games with a dreamer’s reality.
Wishes joke with ones extravagant fantasies.
Wishes draw pictures of an ecstatic life.
Wishes give dreams to one's young future.

Wishes give glasses to one who cannot see.
Wishes provide a shower for one's dirty life.
Wishes promote possibilities for one's future.
Wishes give a soul-mate to one's unloved life.
Wishes make and restart lives for those in need.


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