With Salty Tears

by Brian Stoaks

We sit alone in a bed we once made love in
We talk about the past and what went wrong
You lie there crying, wanting me to hold you
How did we ever get this far? This is not us
I listen to your words between your sobs
I feel you shake as you can't help yourself
You tell me everything that's causing these tears to fall
Where were all these tears hiding? All this pain?
You were an angel who flew into my heart and kept it safe
You were an angel who wrapped me into her arms of love
Now you're an angel so lost you can't see what you had
As you cry I remember why we're losing everything
This bed was shared with another man
The sheets dirtied by the juices of lust
The lies of a heartless wife whose love there never really was
For once it is not I that am crying but you
For once I feel I can go on and be me
So as I watch you cry I know that the pain you feel is real
I know that you are hurting like you hurt me
Fly to the man you chose
The man who makes you happy
The man you hid from me
Go to him and be faithful.
Be his angel.
Be everything I deserved and never got
Be who you want to be
That is his angel with love so pure for one human being
Goodbye my sweet angel. Goodbye for now and forever
Don't cry for if you are truly happy you should be smiling
It was you and I against the world and you promised me forever more
You let me go and the struggle has ended.
It's time for me to let you go.
Here's the hug you asked for
Here's me kissing away your tears
With salty tears upon my lips I say I love you
This is your last kiss.
This is our last goodbye.
This is our final fight for love

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