by Majezty C. Navarro
(Redondo Beach, CA)

A woman is God's daughter,
He's King; she's a Princess.
This means she should be treated with respect,
her home should be her peaceful palace after a long day,
you should be her guard;
protect her from harm and be someone she can trust.

A woman is a dog,
in the sense that even when you can offer so little
she'll stay around through any problem.
She will kiss your pain away,
bury your heart deep within and cherish it.
A woman will give you closure when you feel pushed to the side
she senses hurt and will work hard to cure it,
That's who I call Man's Best Friend.

The power of men is hidden,
a woman brings out the best of us.
At the sight of weakness, they urge us to go further.
Material things are nice, but to me
a woman is the greatest inspirator a man can have.
The sexiest thing a woman can do is love her man through thick and thin.

A woman should be treated as the trophy she is,
not the kind that men seek to receive as many as they can;
she should be treated as the trophy that has the engraving,
"Made me a better man."
Hold up your trophy high and proud and say,
"This is my woman. This is my foundation, that which keeps me standing,
the river that keeps me going, the one who gives and never takes."

Never will you have to question whether you have been blessed or not,
simply look and see for yourself.
You have the blessing of all blessings,
A woman...

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