Words hurt

by Alyssa Jefferson
(New Port Richey, Florida)

How can you think bullying is cool?
Come on people, why are you so cruel?

Thinking it's just words but to them it's much more
Having to go through this every day makes their heart sore.

They've had enough and their fake smiles start to disappear
Because of you they don't want to live anymore, to be here.

Words hurt more then kicks and punches
Going through that too they can end up in crutches.

You don't know what they are going through or have been through
You made there lives seem worthless all because of you.

It might be a kid in class or your own family
brother, sister, or even father, don't know who to turn to, seems worthless so why even bother.

They'll take a razor to their skin, a rope to their collar and hold on tight, G-d help us this isn't right.

Just think of their families and what they'll go through
What if all this, happened to you?

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