by Cathy M.

Longing and wanting to feel your touch, your embrace, your kiss, it's driving me mad.
Remembering your sweet kisses, ever so gentle on my lips, nibbling on my ears, kissing every inch of my neck while my body awakens with desire.
You sent welcome shivers down my spine as your lips and hands moved together in harmony caressing the curves of my body.
Always touching just the right places, with just the right intensity that built slowly, then faster and faster when your pace quickened, until I could no longer ignore the throbbing between my legs.
The love we made was more like a perfectly orchestrated dance than a simple sex act. I crave your presence. My body aches for your touch. I must have it to survive just as surely as I need water to drink, and air to breathe.
I must have you near me, with me always. I can't live without you...

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