Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

by Shannon Milligan
(Melbourne, Australia )

It seems like yesterday I smiled.
Young and innocent, a child.
Not a care in all the world.
I was just your little girl.
And all the stories that you told,
I cherished every word like gold.

It seems like yesterday I laughed.
Never measured by a half.
Strong and loud and free of care,
With aching ribs and flying hair.
Laughter came so easily,
Those days you used to laugh with me.

It seems like yesterday I cried.
The day I stood by your bedside.
The day I saw your face grow white,
Your chest grow still, your fading light.
The day I saw you breathe your last,
And slip forever to my past.

Today I shed a little tear,
And wish like crazy you were here,
To hear you laugh like I once knew,
And share another joke with you.
But just today I learned, I've grown,
To smile a little on my own.

And maybe in a little while,
A laugh will creep into my smile.
And maybe all the tears that roll,
Slowly stitching up my soul,
Will not be those so born of pain.
Tomorrow, I will laugh again.

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