by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, penna., usa)

psalm noel lints

psalm noel lints

Although an atheist with many question that abound
bout the lineage of humanity, this bard
formerly of Belmont hills
nada seeketh to be crowned
yet applauds those

who attest in deity where salvation doth re-dound
peace of body, mind and spirit can be found
and rest in peace when demise finds her/him under ground
identified by a tombstone and a mound
which...over time becomes less round.

Those who practice Jewish faith pay obeisance
Too holiest day of their year
Atonement & repentance mantra themes
Unswerving prayers flock doth wear
As spiritual raiment in tandem
With a twenty-five hour fast orthodox n’er veer
With pride synagogues rabbi beckons
flock to don cloak of virtue to wear

Supplicating against creator
sans vices within psyche tear
The delicate fabric covenant
easily shredded per temptation from tawdry spear

Loftiness attendant on this
High Holy Day whence judgment severe
Within gilt written tomb encapsulating behavior –
Vile forgiveness rare

Thus inducing many a worshiper
To spend hours immersed in prayer
Or…even self-abuse to vitiate
demonic forces that invisibly leer

Drowning out words of the prophet
that believers must hear
To attain coveted accompaniment
To promised land without materialistic gear

Whence with most obedience to sacred texts will fare
Most successfully and kowtowed
Like Rudolph the red nose rein deer
While Santa Claus godlike heard crystal clear

Whose voice ushers inxs of hoof beats
Akin to horn of Gabriel did blare
As eve n tide cast dark shadows
from royal Belvedere
For those lives of purity
offered salvation into the heavenly air.

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