You <3

by Nathaniel Lozada
(New York City, New York, USA)

Your beauty is amazing
it must have been a gift from heaven,
There's no need for a clover,
you're my lucky number seven.
When you walk your beauty shines
because you are an angel,
And you're all mine,
and you're my right angle.

And when I'm with you
it is the best thing in the world,
Although I am pretty pretty lucky
because you're my number one girl.
But being away from you can be a hassle,
Like winning a football game with Matt Cassel.

I'm glad that you love me,
And I get the best feeling when
we talk all "lovey dovey".
I never want to let you go,
I'll hold you tight and let you hug me,
You're better than all the rest,
because you don't bug me.

Some say I'm lucky,
because I found a girl
who actually loves me.
You're my special flower
and I can be the bee.
Or even better,
you're the roots and I'm the tree.

Because our love
will hold us together forever,
When we're together I feel unstoppable
so I never say never.
Your beauty takes over my mind,
which is very clever.
Both of us combined
are the strongest umbrella,
and us together
can defy any stormy weather. <3

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by: Daisy

That's just so cute. Can't wait for a guy to say that to me and mean it!
Beautiful . . .

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