You are the only one

by briony brimble
(new zealand, auckland)

I was on my knees
Begging my mother for a change.
I said
haven't you ever felt this way?
She said, honey I have
and I came away hurt
I don't want you to end up like me
trust me darling
It's for the best
your scars won't heal
just like mine never did
Don't let your mind follow love
until your heart feels it

It was a cold windy day
I wrapped my coat around me
and thought about him
I said to myself
He would never hurt me
he's not like my father
I wasn't looking where I was going
And I fell into someone
I heard a soft laughter
I looked up into smiling eyes
he said
come with me
You'll never feel alone
I'll never leave you
Out in the cold

Two months later
I'm standing in the same place
remembering his words
I thought about his promises
About his undying love
But now I think
His love died along with his smile
along with my heart
so full of love
love for him
But he only thought he did
love me back
because of one little thing
he left me, took the ring
and ran

My mother was right
I came away hurt
my heart was broken
I let my mind follow love
when my heart didn't feel it
But my heart is now following love
you're the only one
that can heal my scars

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