You Don't Have To....

by Wabil Janjua
(Sharjah, U.A.E)

Look into my eyes
look deep inside
find that the love that once did live
and does still reside

Peep into my heart
just a small glance will do
just so that it was always you
only with your presence it grew

There is no need to apologize
there is no need to cry
for me, I was meant to survive
without us together, you and I

Everyone does seem to be
looking down at you
but always remember my love, my dear,
and those strangers won't have a clue

Pain seems to be
my only fate
anywhere I go
I only find hate

this world can't see me happy
I don't blame it, never will I do
because my happiness comes at a heavy price
the cost of losing you

the torture of my soul ripped out
doubts, blames without any proof
cures burnt and thrown away
leaving my house broken without even a roof

I always said I loved you
but I guess it could never have been
dreams, I realize are my salvation,
because you're saying I love a million times I have seen

Don't you worry
I'll always love you
no matter what happens never cry, never weep,
because you don't have to.....

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by: S.K

i guess me sayin dat ur poem made me weep hurt you..iM sOrRy.....Just wantd 2 clear out smthing..u said dat ur poem is an effortless whining of a child whos lost his BEST FRIEND...U really think that best friends are lost??If she was ur best friend,she would never have left you or she wouldnt be lost..She's still there...Lookout ,frnd..
"People are like stones
meaningless and found everywhere
But best friends are like diamonds
Precious and rare"

thk u ....
by: Wabil Janjua

@anonymous : thk u for pointing out my mistakes , ill try to avoid such errors next time
@S.K: i dont write my poems to make ppl weep just 2 vent out wat i feel and plz if it does make u weep id rather u dont read my poems (only an advice) becoz my disposition ryt nw is rather unstable and im actually trying 2 control myself over da loss of sum1 i lover deeply so wen i get 2 knw abt ur tears it just triggers an emotion im not used to or comfortable with so just take my poems as an effortless whining of a child whos lost his best frnd

Couldnt help but cry..
by: S.K

ur poem,as usual ,is AmAzInG..dats an understatement...........couldnt help but weep...i msure anyone reading this would feel da same 2 ryt??

You don´t have to...
by: Anonymous

Great poem !!! I realize you gave it a lot of thought. I could see you forgot to put "you" before "are", nevertheless; I liked it greatly!

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