You Don’t Need...


You don’t need makeup,
because you’re already pretty.
You don’t need cool friends,
because you are who you are...

You don’t need big bras,
because your boobs don’t need to be big,
you don’t need a boyfriend,
because you won't really be happy...

You don’t need a mirror to see your face,
because you’re the most beautiful person in my world.
You don’t need pretty cloths,
because it’s just not you...

And one more thing,
you don’t need to pretend to anyone
because you are who no one else could be.

As I’m your friend listen carefully,
if you change I will not be in your life anymore,
I will disappear like dust, I can promise that...

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Sep 28, 2016
Don't need review
by: Anonymous


Apr 27, 2012
so many people
by: Anonymous

this is what so many people just need to know. what so many people just forget

Apr 26, 2012
i like this :)
by: Crystal Nelson

u are a good writer :) i like this!!

Apr 26, 2012
by: Rachel

This poem really touched my heart and made me think about my relationship with my friends. And how I would feel if they changed don't EVER change Lucy you're a good friend who's always there for me. No matter what your personality is I will always be by your side.Don't forget that.

Apr 24, 2012
something to say from author
by: lucy

this is like saying don't judge, but that's my opinion, whats yours?

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