You never said good-bye

by Claire
(New Jersey)

The day you walked out the door and said I love you
will haunt me forever

You had to follow your dream and desire so I cried but let you go
You were leaving for love that was your reason

As you walked away you did not look back but I knew your heart
did not really leave

Your words I love you will forever ring in my head

The torment of the silence is what I still dread

I hope you are finding your way in the world

Love means having to let go so that one day you may return

Hope seems to fade with everyday you are gone.

Waiting for you to decide your next move has left me
motionless and cold

With every breath I wonder where you are and what you are doing
Time has become an enemy and not a friend

You are with me as I walk through the days and nights without you

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