You'll always be mine in the calm after the storm

by Kelly Cook
(Irvine, Ca)

Every time you pulled away
You punished me
It effected me in ways
That you couldn't see

I couldn't help but notice
All the distance in the U.S.
Not just between us
But also within us

These four walls are a prison
But they're also a palace
they keep out the world
Along with it's malice

I thought I was exempt
That I couldn't be touched
But then I met you
And I love you so much!

Pained me without
Even lifting a finger
Seems you have other ways
Of dealing with anger

Without weighted words
And without loosing face
You proceeded to put me
Right into my place

At arms length is where
I thought my place to be
So is this the real distance
Between you and me?

Further than the eye can see
But I see...I see you, with me
And every thing that we
Could one day be

In the hopes we aren't finished
Before we can start
I'll break down these walls
And give you my heart

An emotional roller-coaster
Minus the rails
A torrent like tornadoes
whirlwinds and gales

And when the storm ebbs
There's a calm through the waves
We'll find each others souls
On those halcyon days

In the end it didn't matter
How far we were apart
Because you'll always be mine
I'll make loving you an art.

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