You'll see the shore soon

by Shaista Khadim

Life seems meaningless
When things turn upside down
You don't wish to see anything
Just want to be buried into the ground.

But hey,look up
There's an angel watching over you
Don't lose hope yet
You'll see the shore soon.

I know it ain't easy
But you are strong to face that
I'm not expecting
Just stating a fact.

But hey, look ahead
There's success waiting for you
You're sailing just fine
You'll see the shore soon.

Life's treating you wrong
But don't blame yourself
It's not a solution to any problem
It'll only cause you hell.

But hey, look beside
I'm right here beside you
Don't ever feel alone
You'll see the shore soon.

Just once, stand in my shoes
And look, to me, who you are
That ray of hope in stark darkness
A traveller's guiding star.

But hey, look behind
All your worries, past are leaving you
Prayers are always handy
You'll see the shore soon.

I know I'm not much of a help
But I hope that I'm a friend
A friend like you
Whose love, care, affection has no end.

But hey, look around
You made it through
No, don't fall, get up, God's watching
You've finally made it to the shore.

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