by Jordan RebuckRal
(Raleigh NC)

The darkest of shadows that creeps in the night.
You punch, kick, and scream as you put up a fight.

There's no winning to this, no you cannot prevail.
You start to go crazy as you skin starts to pale.

Bags under your eyes from hours of sleep lost.
Praying for help as your demons are crossed.

Tossing and turning, no comfort to be found.
What you hear from silence is an unbearable sound.

There must be an end, some way out of this mess.
Grinding your teeth as you're crushed by the stress.

You start to dig deeper, fearing what you'll find.
You cannot escape the evil power of your mind.

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by: Anonymous

Great poem.
What lies in the human mind is the
scariest of all tales.
Nice writing.

Shirley Smothers

Great Piece
by: Amanda Jane Smith

I enjoyed reading your poem,The poems that rhyme are my favourite.Well done great piece.

error of your ways
by: Anonymous

the first line has a grammatical error

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