Your Marathon Called Life

by Michael Bergdahl
(Pittsburgh PA, USA)

Your Marathon Called Life ©2017

By Michael Bergdahl

When you first began life’s marathon, were you courageous from the start?
When you stood there at the starting line, were you committed head and heart?

Why did you choose the path you’re on, the direction, course and pace?
Why did you decide this was your dream, for your marathon, life’s race?

Were you often left with doubts, about the limited things you knew?
Were you apt to second guess yourself, as so many people do?

Must you believe you’ll achieve your goals, from the moment you begin?
Must you fully commit, to achieve great things, if you ever hope to win?

Which decisions did you make back then, that you clearly now regret?
Which choices did you make in life that you’d prefer now to forget?

Ever think you might have missed the mark, achieving your destiny?
Ever wish you would have changed your life, and you answer probably?

If you knew then, what you now know, what difference would it make?
If you could change your life today, what are the steps that you would take?

What might you do much differently, if you had a second chance?
What might you change about your life, if you knew more in advance?

Should you take the path that’s easiest, or the one that’s traveled least?
Should you set your goals by starting low, and then steadily increase?

Do you plan to make a difference, in this marathon called life?
Do you have ideas to overcome, life’s challenges and strife?

Would you persevere through obstacles, with the strength needed to endure?
Would you quit the race when things get rough, when you’re feeling insecure?

Will you remain focused on your goals, when things aren’t going well?
Will you stay the course when mistakes are made, being careful not to dwell?

Could you overcome the doubters, who love challenging your plans?
Could you believe in you, when times get tough, as you did when you began?

Can you stay on track through thick and thin, with the resolve to finish strong?
Can you stay focused on achieving success, even when things are going wrong?

How do you know, mid-marathon, whether or not you’re doing just fine?
How do you measure your life’s success, before you cross the finish line?

Are you still striving to do your best, no matter what’s transpired?
Are you still giving everything you’ve got, with absolute desire?

How can you finish your life’s marathon, with pride and no regrets?
How can you guarantee you will be content, versus eternally upset?

Have you made a list of long term goals, but you’re frustrated by achieving less?
Have you focused on bursts of wind sprints, instead of life’s marathon to success?

Might you measure your achievements, by the challenges you’ve overcome?
Might you already be successful, based on the person you’ve become?

Did you believe you would succeed, from the beginning of life’s race?
Did you visualize yourself at the finish line, as the winner, in first place?

If you had the chance to change the past, would you chart a different course?
If you could choose a different path, what path would you endorse?

What would you do so differently, if you could change the race you’ve run?
What would you change about your life, the path, the course, or none?

I was driving my car when I saw an inspirational bumper sticker called the Marathon Runner’s Mantra. As it turns out, many marathon race runners embrace a mantra to help them get through the grueling 26.2 mile race. Here's what the bumper sticker said:

The Courage to Start
The Strength to Endure
The Resolve to Finish

The poem I wrote is a series of questions about making the most of Your Marathon Called Life;
it was inspired by the Marathon Runner’s Mantra.

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Dec 18, 2017
Beautiful write, Michael!
by: Chula Fleming

Michael, I love this poem! You did Robert Frost proud. This is so genuine and thought provoking. Thanks so much for sharing it with me. I'm not sure if I gave you the link to my poems on but I'd love it if you would visit and let me know what you think. Congratulations on a wonderful write, and best wishes for your continued success. "Walk in the Light of Your Inner Visions", Chula

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