by Cindy Custer
(McCoy, TX,. US)

Something has come over you
a dark cloud appears,
Sitting and wondering as I shed a tear.
I sit and watch as you grow weak,
Hoping things will change week after week.
My heart is hurting as I watch you cry,,
Reaching for The Lord and asking why.
The family is quiet and go their separate ways,
hoping and praying for a better day.
You come into the room as silence appears,
checking things not only once but twice to make sure.
The battle you face I wish would be gone,
but it seems to continue on.
A depressing heart not even a smile.
As we both battle this now I sit in denial.
Each and every day,
I see you slipping way.
Sitting and thinking this just can't be right,
I'm really scared to get you out of my sight.
Some of the words you have spoken
I can't believe You would do,
this monster inside has taken over and I know
it's not the real you.
I look at you now and sit dreaming of the past,
Laughing, joking And hugging me as if it was your last.
As I hold your frail body and see you so weak,
I dream and pray someday our lives
Will be like it used to be.
I love you and feel your pain,
and knowing also my life has changed.
For better or worse and sickness and in health,
I will be by your side until our parting death.

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