You’re Special to Me

by Jin Kitashiearutoukie Aquze
(California, Oakland)

I feel exposed; betrayed.
I want rain but I do not want teardrops on my face.
I want you but you may want somebody else.
Why must you tease and flirt with me then?
Is my heart a possession, which you want to damage, what more, and neglect?
Take the pieces that are broken and fiddle around a bit.
Till you find your true love and leave my heart in ruin.
If I could take it; I’d let you run over me forever.
Take my feelings wrapped around your sexy finger and put my heart in a different place, so I may not have a heart to get away; have nor the courage or the strength.
I’m in love with you.
Like meds curing an infection; you’re revolting ways clear my affection…
In my eyes; you’re the antidote that I have longed for.
This kind of affection is infected and it’s festering into something more.
It feels like this power that my body can’t handle; ripping it apart, making deep gashes and bloody marks.
Whole organs falling out, like my hope of a better tomorrow.
You’re so spectacular, so special; I wish I were special; the very superior being ruling your precious world…
For my very name be written upon your heart.
And our worlds do not budge, nor repel, we are bound together, forever.
You have no Idea, do you not?
Yes you do; why do you bring me down with your teasingly afflictions?
You’re hurting me so much, in my heart, that the pains become physical.
Not to mention, I been cutting myself to relive the pain.
All I ask was to never leave me ever.
Which you didn’t, somehow, some way, you stayed just for me before we broke away…
I still love you, till this very day.
You’re special to me

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Mar 19, 2011
A bit long
by: Matt

I enjoyed reading this poem as well. Kitashiearutoukie, It is a bit long. But if you would shorten it and put it on alot of other sites, you will be able to be noticed for your work and hard work.


Mar 02, 2011
by: Jake

I agree with Katie. Your writng is outstanding. Keep up the good work. You make me want to start wrting exquisite poetry.

Feb 16, 2011
Great Job, Jin Kitashiearutoukie Aquze
by: Katie

omg, that poem is so sad and depressing. I remember long ago when I dated this one guy and he was like, omg hot...but he would always tease and flirt with "boundries" and it had gotten to the point where I had to leave him. I sill love him to this day and Jin Kitashiearutoukie Aquze, I can relate to most of what you are feeling. Keep writing, your in inspriation to those that had been done that way.

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