YouTube at 3 am

by Mov_Kai

The clacking of computer keys underneath my fingers grow with momentum as I figure out along the path of my inner voice what I will say and quickly type it out no longer caring of the spelling but only the emotion I feel as I pour out words like water cascading from my mind onto the blinding white light of this screen while I lay in bed curled in blankets upon blankets of warm and cozy fabric that were handmade by elders of what I call a family who only wished for me to keep warm in the cold of my old creaky house that was built solely for the purpose of housing the people who share my blood and the friends with whom I share close relations but only to be reminded of the distant future where it is possible we will no longer remain what we are today for the house will stand as it always has but we might not because people change and grow further apart where I meet a stranger online that loves the same things do as well and no longer through the broken fence of my backyard and old playgrounds that used to hold such laughter and joy but now only hold rust and metal although I am in no place to speak this certain order of words as I have met some of my greatest friends on this invisible ever-connecting spider web we call the internet and it is with that thought that I shudder with chills upon my spine as I could no longer see through the blur of whirring fingers clacking on black keys with white letters where I cannot see the screen for it is too bright in the dark of my cold bedroom where I lay in a corner of my bed upon blankets that hold me close as I type this to the rhythm of the voice that is calling out each letter one by one for I cannot help but listen and obey because the rhythm is too strong to break but as I grow tired and my eyelids droop from the contrast of artificial light and the natural darkness that surrounds my side of the planet I find the rhythm to slow and the voice to become more quiet as it takes longer to decipher the letters its shouts and begs for me to locate on the keyboard and slam down for it appear on screen and join the others to create a coherent sentence to be interpreted by anyone whose own voice demands their eyes to scroll side to side to read what I have written and since the voice is quiet that means I can no longer envision the shape of an imaginary mouth giving me clues as to what I'm being told to do because the vowels and consonants have blurred together without any meaning for me to figure out because the clacking of computer keys underneath my fingers can not grow with momentum as I have lost myself on the path of my inner voice that I had been traveling because it is only now that I realize the video of which this comment rests upon has ended a long time ago and that it is only appropriate I post this written form of my inner voice so that others can read it as I succumb to the ever-mysterious activity we as a human race call sleep at this point in time of which I see as night even though others have begun to awaken due to Earth's tilt that allows for someone to dream with moon high and for others to rise with sun simultaneously.

Good night YouTube.

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by: Anonymous

reading it is something else. kinda takes your breath away because its one long sentence and you feel your chest heave with relief when you reach the bottom. its a different style of poem. i like it

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