You've Got Me All Wrong

by Lara Smith

The things your say are so unfair

They do not describe me at all

Are nothing like me

Maybe in your eyes they are

But I know differently

You make me sound so horrible

When I am not

To you I am dreadful

How can you see me in such a way?

I just don't understand it

Not at all

I am not prefect by any means

I've got plenty of mistakes to show

But you, you make me feel terrible

I'm not half as bad as

you are make me out to be

And I'm sure as hell not ungrateful

I would never stoop that low

It is really sad and disappointing

How everything has transpired

I thank G-d everyday for you,

for everything

It's so very sad,

how you've got it all wrong

I'm not half as bad as

you are making me out to be

I just wish you knew I feel

when you scream and shout

You say I'm ungrateful, that

I don't respect you

But you have it all backwards

I don't think anyone can love or

respect you more than I

What you mean to me I

cannot explain in words

Oh mother, you could not

be more wrong

I never really tell you

how grateful I am

So I wrote you this poem,

this song

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