zealous solemn namaste kowtowing loo

by matthew s harris
(schwenksville, pennsylvania)

proctologist = holy sainted asshole

proctologist = holy sainted asshole

aside from being worn
during mortal kombat firmly braced
full body armor suited up
with proctologists safely positioned

most definitely
entire body electric en cased
ready as ever to confront
another flatulence emitting asshole

solidly debased
strategically situated,
when beginning examination
sterile sighted rectal
probe positioned nimbly,

kept intact, finessed
fixedly, exactly, deftly crosshairs
with trace excrement carefully erased
scrutinizing pulsating rectum sphincter muscle
observing anus function

a posteriori mesne faced
with quotidian regular onslaught
moving bowels graced
significant muscled tissued

sphincter requisitely
performing perfectly lining interlaced
without any unusually turgid,
significantly ragged, or quirkily
plugged orifice
preventing human waste,

thus if hazardous condition ensued necessitating
immediate surgery without haste
perhaps even ass sass mint
by a gastroenterologist

if patient suffers from
irritable bowel syndrome
where fore (Juliet) defecation sanitized
scrutinizing expulsion of human waste,

or if defecation thick as petrified paste
which warrants squeezing tight
begetting a hemorrhoid
as son young (gush) moon like cheeks
put thru severe weathering pace.

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