25 Years

by Asheyana
(Dallas, TX )

You gone miss his first date
The first time he goes to school all day
Who gone teach him to play video games?
Where that stern hand he’ll need to not go astray?
I’m the mother but my tone is soft
Who’s gone be there to make sure he doesn’t fall off?
He may listen but he’s a growing man
I don’t have as much strength to help him stand
What about when he turns thirteen?
Who gone teach how to push & start setting his dreams?
When his freshman year comes about
Who gone be there cheering loud & proud?
And when the girls start seeking him out
Who gone be there to tell him you better watch out?
What about when he graduates?
Who gone be there to hug him at the end of the stage?
First year in the college life
Who gone be there to tell him he’ll be alright
What if he needs some advice from a man?
Who can he call? I hope you understand
When he’s done & living on his own
Who he gone get to see when he visits home?
When he goes to start a family
I pray that you’ll be there to see
That was my biggest fear, Lord knows I’ve
cried so many tears
All these questions are now here cause
Today you’ll be gone for 25 years

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