Born A Man Die A Man

by B$Doe
(Florence, SC)

You think you got me ha,
tring to play a n-gga weak
Don't you know I'm at my best
when in the face of defeat
What you forgot I'm from the hood
And I'm straight from the streets
Where only the strong survive
and we prey on the weak
I stay on my toes and I'm quick on my feet
I refuse to give up and I can't be beat
I been battered and bruised
and lost and confused
Dam near naked broke and hungry
but I refuse to lose
I can grind from the bottom
just can't make it to the top
Always something in my way
and a reason for me to stop
I can bang with the best
til no breath in my chest
You can't break my spirits
by hurting my flesh
Born a man, die a man
that's how it gone be
Me against the world
until I Rest In Peace

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