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Deanna Langellier

Deanna Langellier
Deanna Langellier grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she picked lilacs on the way to school and studied music and acting. Some of her notable roles were Mama in Bye Bye Birdie (she loved hearing her grandmother laugh), Cecily in The Importance of Being Earnest (to think she wanted to be Gwendolyn!), and Frenchy in Grease (try French-inhaling an unfiltered Lucky Strike when you don't even smoke).

Her flair for comedy led to writing and performing standup comedy at major clubs both in Minneapolis and Los Angeles. She also has written for several popular comedians. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Deanna drove to Los Angeles, where she had dreamed of living since she was 9. She has loved every moment in the City of Angels. She has a daughter, who is beautiful and wise beyond words.
Always involved in marketing writing and strategy, her career includes working for a museum, a dot-com, a consumer products developer, an advertising agency, and -- for eight years now -- a Fortune 500 company. Deanna loves Hawaii and wants to travel the world, Italy being first on the list. As a writer, Deanna is interested in what the story is really about. She is inspired by William Shakespeare, Rainer Maria Rilke, and the incredibly talented writing community of My Word Wizard. She is certain that My Word Wizard will be the reason that she finally finishes her screenplay.

Deanna Langellier can be found on Twitter
@DeannaLii and she really has to start a blog.

These completions embrace so much that I hold dear: love, life, beauty, time and truth. I hope you enjoy them.

                                                                Deanna Langellier

The bricks formed a pattern that resembled her life: Somewhat uneven, sometimes broken, mostly solid, and always strong.

Each Thursday they met at Whitby Station. She took the 10:10; he the 11:03. He got married a year before he met her. It was time.

Josh gazed at her auburn hair and thought, "Maybe this is what my future looks like."

There was an unsettling silence at the wedding. Everybody knew the bride's heart wasn't at the altar; it was in the second row.

Emmett gathered his thoughts. She said, "I will have all the worries; you won't have any." "You are my worry," Emmett thought.

Ruth loved to sit by the stream, watching the koi reflect the swirling of her heart, her mind, her joy.

Thomas was in a pensive state, calculating how many years, how many drinks, until it's all right that he lied.

Edgar was a fish who thought people were fantastical and mermaids were real.

Beauty muscled its way like it always did, with grace and tenderness and a power naturally built on all that was fragile.

Hank built this monument to the license plates he had collected in all 50 states. He just wanted to say he had been there.

It took a child's heartbreak of not getting a red sled to understand what it meant when he said he never got a backpack.

Jack wore his shyness like a magician's deck of cards. He had 52 lines, all aces, all played to win his queen of hearts.

Julia and I stopped at Starbucks. I was there not for the java but to listen to Julia's story about Juan, from start to finish.

Sarah was locked in a box of Jake's memorabilia. She had her own tough memories and bad tapes and she intended to find them.

Boots had pensive eyes. He had seen the child become a teenager, the marriage become a divorce, the answers become questions.

Their encounter was fleeting, but Lilly felt his pain as well as the urge to say "he's mine" to the girl by the elevator.

We weren’t sure where we were in Tuscany; we just knew that we were quite content to drive until we ran out of beauty.

Julia's scent reminded Daniel that, like the cherry blossoms watching him from the window, he might want to try being faithful.

Kat stood up to face the crowd, painfully aware that, unlike acting, standup comedy gave her nowhere to hide.

In a vacant lot they were now lining up Christmas trees, but she couldn't find the shape that matched her future memory.

*ed. note. These wonderful pieces are completions of the daily My Word Wizard writer's prompts

© Deanna Langellier  * 2011 * All Rights Reserved


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